Something I learned about arrays though I'm not actually sure why it works that way


It also works using [] as well. And so it appears that the variable i still has the "hi" in it as well. Pushing an item onto j also adds an item to i. This doesn't seem to work with numbers: I'm not sure what's going on but I guess this could be useful one day, I guess.

Eyo Problems

The most annoying thing in Eyo so far is the fact that I have decided to get rid of linking verbs.

The Hotel

I've released the Hotel, the sequel to the House. Not only does it have a new and larger storyline, it also has some extra features.

Random Sentence Generator


Toggle editability with one click

Make a bookmark, put this in the URL (the name can be anything):
javascript:var contenteditable;if(contenteditable){contenteditable=false;document.body.setAttribute("contenteditable","false");}else{contenteditable=true;document.body.setAttribute("contenteditable","true");} And then go to any webpage and click on the bookmark. The entire webpage will become contenteditable which allows you to type on the page like, I dunno, Google Docs? And clicking it again will turn off the contenteditable and make it look like you just used inspect element and impress no one.

Have fun using Google on YouTube!
I have a website! Here's what it has: